Tattoo Removal Laser Neo Innovations Black Magic IPL Tattoo Removal Machine
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The Neo Innovations IPL Tattoo Removal Model featured on Shark Tank was an older design. Since 2009 the older design worked very well for many of our informed customers. After the show aired many purchased our products without understanding the tattoo removal process. Many thought tattoo removal was "Instant" after watching the show. This led to many unhappy customers. Before going on the Shark Tank Neo Innovations had 99% positive feedback on Amazon and Ebay. Customers that understand our devices only innitiate the tattoo removal process love our products. There are many factors that determine a successful removal. Type of ink, location of tattoo, how deep ink was applied, health of immune system etc. We at Neo Innovations know tattoos can take hours to get and are very painful. Luckily Neo Innovations removal treatments only take seconds. Please note: Our best design was not allowed on air due to the patent not being filed at the time of taping. Our best IPL Tattoo Removal design is cordless, low power ( only 3-5 watts ), variable, easier to use, more effective and reliable. It also features a rechargeable lithium ion battery and includes our Patent Pending Neodymium magnetic tip. The Patent Pending Neodymium Magnet tip attracts the magnetic tattoo ink to the surface of the skin. This maximizes the effectiveness of each treatment. All Neo Innovation's products use FDA Approved Intense Pulsed Xenon Light. Neo Innovation's old design used older technology halogen flash bulbs. This design is the safest tattoo removal product that works on the market. High powered systems and acids can be very dangerous. 8 weeks healing time is needed with high powered systems. Our very low powered device treatments don't even break the surface of the skin. Typically only 21 days are needed between treatments. Very Safe For Home Use.. In conclusion. Hind Sight Being 20/20 Neo Innovations shouldn't have gone on the show until the new design patent was filed. The old design simply was not ready for the Shark Tank. The new design however is amazing! It was tested by a world famous plastic surgeon Dr. Debartolo. He tested our devices in his clinics all over Chicago. As a result he was so impressed with the effectiveness of the new design, he co-wrote our patent with us. Dr. Debartolo said this was the safest and most effective device he has ever used in over 30 years. Neo Innovations continues to be very honored to be featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank. The experience tested our products and customer service in ways we could not have imagined. Please review some of our patent content in the pics above. Adding Neodymium magnetism to our process is what makes our device more effective. Neo Innovations decided to sell on Ebay again because someone was selling fake devices. Only Purchase Devices From NEO IXL. Neo IXL is the only verified seller on Ebay. Any other device being sold as new is a fake. We have been getting too many complaints of people getting ripped off. Included in Kit: 1 Intense Xenon Light Ink Vaporizor w/ Charging Kit, 3 Ointment Packs, 3 Alcohol Swabs, 1 Neonite Betonite Clay Jar, Instruction Manual, Hard Case, 1 spare bulb, 14 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee.
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